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About Us

The Company

Aladyn sources comprehensive and customized medical and industrial supplies according to the needs of each of our customers, providing solutions to protect the health of the employees, patients, and guests, and at the same time optimizing the resources and operation of your business.


About us

Aladyn, is a company founded in Miami, FL by a group of international entrepreneurs with more than 30 years of experience in the areas of international trade, logistics, technology, marketing, financial, and health.

Aladyn specializes in medical facilities and industrial companies, offering them a wide selection of high-quality products through a system of scheduled purchases, as well as specialized consulting, personal service, and the best prices.

Your company can save substantial amounts of money, guarantee inventories, and protect your employees and patients, thus guaranteeing safe and efficient operation.

With offices in the US, Europe, Asia, and Latam, direct relationships with recognized manufacturers and certified logistics companies, Aladyn is your comprehensive solution for all your Personal Protective Equipment needs.


Contribute to the personal protection of employees, clients, and guests, thereby providing them with a safer and more enjoyable environment.



Position ourselves as the leading company in consulting and marketing of personal protective equipment.

Products and services
Aladyn offers the best products from global manufacturers:

  • Hand and Body Industrial Products

  • Gloves, Helmets and boots

  • Uniforms and security overalls 

  • Multipurpose Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant

  • Industrial safety equipment and accesories

  • Chemicals and cleaning solutions

  • Waste management and disposal

  • Signaling 


  • Experience of more than 30 years in international trade.

  • An extensive network of direct manufacturers and suppliers in China, USA, Latam, and Europe.

  • Offices in China, the USA, Mexico, and Europe.

  • Wide catalog of products of the highest quality.

  • Online sales and customer service 24/7 through our website.

  • International deliveries*

  • Personalized advice.

  • Excellent customer service.

  • Competitive prices*

*Terms and conditions apply, see our sales and service policies.

Commercial Structure

At Aladyn we have formed an extensive network of the most competitive and recognized suppliers and commercial allies at the international level, in Asia, Europe and the USA. and Latam, thanks to this we can offer our clients a wide range of products of the highest quality at extremely competitive prices and with the best delivery times.


The successful operation of our commercial and service structure is based on the following key operating principles:

  1. Perfect understanding of the needs of our clients

  2. Perfect knowledge of the regulations established by the different authorities and institutions

  3. Physical presence in the various strategic markets within which we operate

  4. Clear, timely and direct communication with our suppliers, strategic allies and clients

  5. Optimization of the search, analysis, negotiation, purchase and shipping processes to generate the greatest savings for our customers.

  6. Application of strict controls and operational standards for the supervision of processes and procedures throughout the supply chain

  7. Personalized service to our suppliers, partners and clients

Quality Control

At Aladyn we carry out a rigorous selection and categorization of our suppliers, paying special attention to quality control measures and compliance with international standards.

This is because we are aware that the high demand for products worldwide has resulted in many Asian manufacturers sacrificing quality in pursuit of large-scale production.

Thanks to the fact that through our commercial structure we have a local presence in the vast majority of markets in which we purchase our products, as well as the high level of specialization and knowledge of our purchasing team, this allows us to maintain a strict and efficient quality control program, which guarantees our customers to receive their products according to the requested specifications and within scheduled times.


Aladyn has established a series of strategic alliances with leading companies specialized in shipping logistics for all types of products internationally, this allows us to serve customers anywhere in the world and deliver their products in the most efficient way, safe and punctual.

• Identification, selection and contracting of the most suitable means of transport for each client and product
• Logistics consulting and management
• Customs advice and management
• Supervision and quality control.

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