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Sanitization Products & Equipment

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At Aladyn we have a wide range of disinfection and sanitation products and equipment so that you can keep the different areas of your business perfectly clean and free of all types of germs and viruses. Thus guaranteeing the correct operation of your business, but above all guaranteeing the safety and health of your employees and customers.



  • Gel Hand Sanitizer

  • Disinfecting Alcohol

  • Antibacterial Liquid Soap

  • Multipurpose Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant

  • Disinfectant Solution for Hands and Surfaces

  • Concentrated Disinfecting Solution

Cleaning and disinfection of hands and non-porous surfaces in the home, office, business, restaurants, and food preparers. Such as Tables, chairs, bars, desks, handles, railings, telephones, cell phones, keyboards, food contact surfaces, car dashboards, among others.

Regulation Sanitizers of Surfaces:
Its composition complies with the requirements established by:
Regulation of the European Union meets the requirements (EU) 528/2012 for biocidal products type PT 2-4 (disinfectants for surfaces in contact with food or without contact with food).
FDA: Its composition complies with the requirements as sanitizing solutions 21CFR 178.1010 for food-producing plants.
EPA: Its active ingredients are recognized by the EPA as effective against emerging viruses "list N"

Aladyn offers you a complete line of equipment that facilitates handling, application, and the dosage of chemical products.


  • High Power Fog Machines

  • Object Sterilizer Equipment

  • Sterilizer Cabinet

  • Deodorant Fogging Machines

  • Interactive Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

These equipment allow you to:

  • To provide better protection to your clients, guests and employees

  • Save on labor and time by making the dilution and application of chemicals more efficient and easy.

  • Control the dilutions of uses of chemical products ensuring their correct use.

  • Safety by reducing the risks of chemical handling by operators.

  • Optimize the performance of chemicals by using the correct amount of chemicals and avoid waste.

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