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Antivirus Cabin System

Antivirus Cabin System
Due to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, we have been forced to close operations in companies of all kinds, especially; hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, theme parks, casinos, and other hotel and tourism businesses.
For this reason, we developed our exclusive Antivirus Booth, which is vital to restart your business activities, thus offering your clients and employees access to protected and disinfected environments.

Because we know the importance of your brand, our Antivirus Booth allows you to have a personalized design, thus reinforcing the positioning of your brand and the loyalty of your customers.
Achieving with this the power to have a functional element that coexists and integrates with its space without appearing a strange and out of place element.

Taking advantage of the fact that we have a natural showcase, the back of the furniture has a space designed to place advertising or your brand identity, which can be marketed or display your promotions and/or services.

How does it work?
The Antivirus Booth has a medium pressure nebulization system, which sprays the molecules, thus achieving a better distribution and penetration of the disinfectant.
Measurements: 1.20 m. width x 2.00 m. length x 2.30 m. tall,
Capacity for 1 person
Made with top quality materials and antibacterial finishes.


  • High quality misting system for industrial use. (Made in EE.UU.)

  • Automated start with start button, to start the disinfection process.

  • Automated stop using a timer. (After 6 seconds).

  • High resistance wheels to facilitate mobility.

  • Hidden interconnected tank storage system.

  • Shooting capacity and performance according to your needs, 6 seconds each.

  • Front and back graphic for an advertising campaign.

  • Two mini LED type luminaires.

  • 10 medium pressure sprayers, strategically located for the correct distribution of the disinfectant on external surfaces (garments).

Chemical Composition

The disinfectant used is instantaneous and is active against all types of bacteria, both positive and negative range, fungi, viruses, and algae in the most diverse conditions, such as the presence of organic matter, extreme pH ranges, and hard water.

It is odorless, colorless, does not harm skin, eyes, clothing fibers, and is environmentally friendly. The product has national and international certification, before Cofepris, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration and the United States Department of Labor, with this we guarantee both the operation of the product and the user's safety.

The disinfectant product used is a cationic product, quaternary salt, in its 100% biodegradable dilution. Effectively removes bacteria, viruses, algae, and fungi without creating resistance to the active ingredient.

Stable even in the presence of organic matter and in acidic and alkaline pH (from 3 to 11).
Chemical Description / Registration CAS # n-Alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride (68391-01-5 / 53516-76-0 = and n-alkyl dimethyl ethyl benzylammonium chloride (68956-79-6 / 85409-23-0)


EPA Registration No. 2125M P40 1839-55.
FDA registration number 880.6890.
Registration number PCP 2125M P40 26058.
Registration number KOSHER BTC series CC2123207. S.A (Ministry Of Health) AUGUST 2014.

Investment options
Aware of the current economic situation, we have designed two different investment programs:

1. Traditional Sales Program
Through this program, you can buy your antivirus booth and be the owner 100%
We offer different discounts depending on the number of cabins purchased.
Unit price per cabin starts at $ 6,000 USD

2. Leasing Program:
We also offer you a lease program, from a minimum of 5 months.
The initial investment will be one month deposit and the first month of rent.
Monthly payments from $ 990 USD (VAT not included).
We can design flexible rental plans based on your needs.

In all our rental plans we include:
• Disinfectant and maintenance fluids
• 100% equipment guarantee during the term of the contract.

In addition, our clients will be able to commercialize the advertising spaces in the cabin so that they can minimize their investment or have income.

* Service available only in CDMX, Metropolitan Area (Edo. México). Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulúm and Riviera Maya
Contact us for more information.

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